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Resources to Help Your Community Stay Home

As of March 26th, the entire State of Colorado is under a Stay-at-Home Order issued by Governor Polis and subject to Public Health Orders issued by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment.

Many areas in and around our communities have seen people turning a blind eye to the Order. So, what happens when you have homeowners in your community holding parties in their homes? Or homeowners who are using public spaces without practicing acceptable social distancing measures? What tools do you have to encourage your community to STAY HOME?

covid 19Unfortunately, like other state and local laws, homeowner associations lack the ability to directly enforce Governor Polis’ Stay-at-Home Order. Homeowner associations cannot require homeowners to remain in their residences. While homeowner associations do not have the tools to enforce these protective measures, homeowner associations do have the ability to inform and educate its homeowners.

The Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) has released a number of easy-to-read guides/signs that can be found here. These guides are great resources to inform and teach homeowners who may not understand the severity or importance of the Stay-at-Home Order. If your homeowners association is having difficulty with residents not adhering to the Stay-at-Home Order, or if you simply want to reiterate the importance of proper hand-washing techniques, perhaps selecting a few of the CDC’s signs and posting around the community, or sending a quick email blast containing several of the CDC guidelines to the membership, may be enough to educate and encourage the residents to adhere to the Order.

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