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Orten Cavanagh Holmes & Hunt has provided value-oriented legal services to community associations throughout Colorado, for over 15 years. Our full-service community association law firm tailors representation to the unique needs of each community.

Our team is dedicated to a preventive legal approach, counseling communities and associations to address concerns in a solution-based manner that minimizes discord. We encourage associations to proactively manage their communities and to ensure actions are appropriate prior to implementation.


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Enforcing Covenants Under HB 22-1137 – *Winter is Coming*

You don’t have to put your covenant enforcement matters on hold just because winter weather is here. Give a cure deadline of May 1st to keep the ball rolling and keep enforcements in check! For many single-family homeowner associations, the end of the year signifies the end of the covenant...
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We Are A Community

The HOA industry is reeling from the tragic events that took place last week in Atlanta. In yet another act of senseless violence, two lives were taken too soon, and another victim remains hospitalized in what has come to light as a targeted attack involving a disgruntled resident against management...
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Notice to Clients About HB 22-1137

On August 10th, HB 22-1137 became law. All associations not exempt from the relevant provisions of CCIOA, must now take the following actions regarding delinquent accounts: Maintain a record of any contact with a delinquent owner, to include the type of communication (phone, email, etc.) and the date and time...
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HB 22-1137 Signed Into Law

On June 3rd, Governor Polis signed Colorado House Bill 22-1137.  After months of opposition and support from homeowners and other stakeholders, the new law will become effective August 10, 2022. As a result of the new law, associations will need to: Evaluate and make changes to procedures for assessment collection...
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New Law Impacting HOAs

House Bill 22-1139 prohibits a common interest community from regulating the use of public right-of-ways. The new law states that associations cannot enforce a covenant, bylaw, rule or regulation that would prohibit the use of a public right-of-way that is otherwise in accordance with local government’s ordinance, resolution, rule, franchise,...
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