Attorney Fees and Costs That Fit Your Association
We offer the Association two choices on referral of current owner accounts to our firm. One is our “Shared Risk Assesment Collections” program where accounts are handled on contingency and the law firm shares the risk of collection with the Association.  The other choice is based on our "Fixed Fees Assessment Collection.”

Revenue to Your Association
Whichever program your Association chooses, our assessment collection services provide results that owner associations need – collected assessments!

  • Our phone calls resolve about one-third of all cases in under 60 days.
  • Approximately one-third of the remaining cases are resolved when a lawsuit is filed.
  • All cases are pursued diligently by experienced legal professionals leveraging all court remedies.

Immediate Action = Results Expected by Associations
Following referral of a collection account, our Owner Account Specialist seeks to contact the owner and resolve the debt. This component of our assessment collection services has several benefits:

  • Payments to the Association
  • Fast resolution
  • Avoids the courts and possibility of a trial

How Assessments Are Collected By Our Team
From the first letter and phone calls to the owner and throughout our work on each account, our trained and experienced professionals diligently pursue the revenue your Association needs. With collected assessments, your Association can provide services to your members.

We utilize specialized software and processes. We use all available legal means to collect delinquent assessments, including methods not offered by others - credit card and ACH payments can be made on our website or over the phone.

Status reports are regularly provided to management. We know what Associations want and we are accountable. With three offices in Colorado, we provide local knowledge and accessibility.

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