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Board Duties and Responsibilities

An HOA has a board of directors that helps its members understand and follow the rules designed to maintain the community and the property values. The board of directors is made up of volunteers, elected by the homeowners, who’ve been asked to serve and perform a range of duties. The primary duties of an HOA board is to attend and conduct meetings, keep homeowners informed of issues that concern them and their community, handle reserve funds and budgeting, help select professionals on behalf of the association, and to authorize legal action to enforce covenants. Below are links to articles that offer greater detail on those responsibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Would giving an owner the sign-in sheet for a board election meeting disclose a homeowner’s vote?

The sign-in sheet will only show who was at the meeting and not how those people voted unless you identify who is holding someone’s proxy on the sign in sheet and that exactly matches the number of votes one person received.

Under the new record inspection statute, the association is required to keep ballots and proxies for a year.  If you give ballots to each person who holds one or more proxies, the ballots confirm the result of the election, yet preserve secrecy.  The intent here is that owners are entitled to cast their ballots without their names attached.  The sign-in sheet is really no different than the records that are kept by the counties for elections.  The county knows who came in to vote, but those records do not disclose how someone voted.

Can the actual vote count for a board election of multiple candidates be provided to an owner?

The association can report the actual vote count.  It may not report or disclose any identifying information as to who voted for what candidate.  CCIOA addresses reporting results as follows:  “The results of a vote taken by secret ballot shall be reported without reference to the names, addresses, or other identifying information of unit owners participating in such vote.”

What is a proxy?

A proxy is a written document in which an absent owner permits another party to vote or take action on his/her behalf at a meeting.  Proxies may either be general or directed.  General proxies contain no instructions on how the proxy holder should vote.  Directed proxies instruct the proxy holder how to vote on particular issues.

The proxy must be presented to the secretary who verifies the proxy and acknowledges that the proxy holder may act on behalf of the absent owner.  The secretary will then give the proxy holder one ballot for each proxy held.

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