2022 Legislation Hits HOAs

The Colorado legislative session commenced on January 12, 2022. Several bills have been introduced that, if enacted, would directly affect HOAs. Certain aspects of the 2022 legislation may adversely impact common interest community homeowners, boards of directors, managers, and other stakeholders. Those bills are:

SB 22-060 To Limit Assessment Increases

HB 22-1040 Homeowners’ Access to Common Areas

SB 22-059 Limitations on Use of Proxies

Read more here about how these introduced bills may impact HOAs.

Additional bills have been drafted but have not yet been introduced. Interested or concerned homeowners, board members, managers, management companies and others can seek to support or oppose proposed 2022 legislation by contacting your state senator and/or representative.  Find your legislator here.

Your voice is important on behalf of yourself and your community. You may influence reform, including support for amendments to improve or kill the proposed bills.

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