HB 23-1105

Another year, another legislative session – and more bills that target HOAs and metro districts. HB 23-1105 was introduced in this session (sponsored by Reps Jennifer Parenti and Brianna Titone). It aims to create task forces for both HOA and metro districts, the sole purpose of which is to:

  • Study issues confronting homeowners’ rights. This includes fining authority (or for metro districts, tax levying authority) and practices, foreclosure practices, and communications with homeowners.
  • Prepare a report on its findings and conclusions.

The Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce is opposing HB 23-1105, a representative stating that it would lead to unnecessary and hostile policies; that there is already plenty of existing statutes addressing HOAs and metro districts; that recent legislation has been done on transparency and reporting mechanisms; and that the bill would create additional administrative mechanisms where there is already established data and understanding surrounding these organizations.

The media has already begun to monitor HB 23-1105, much as we witnessed with last year’s HB 22-1137. You can read press on the bill here or read the full bill, as introduced, here.

Additionally, CLAC (The Colorado Legislative Action Committee) is working with the original sponsors of HB 22-1137 (which became law on August 10, 2022) on a cleanup bill. Check back periodically for updates or links to newer versions of this and other relevant bills.

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