Community Association Manager Licensing Bill Introduced

Community Association Manager Licensing Bill Introduced
On February 25, 2019, HB19-1212 was introduced in the Colorado Legislature to reenact the CAM licensing laws that were repealed last year and to reestablish the CAM program.
HB19-1212 is substantially similar to the prior law, but there are some changes that managers and management companies should note if the bill passes:

  • The CAM program would be extended to September 1, 2024.
  • The Community Associations Institute CMCA/AMS/PCAM credentials are not named in the statute as a credentials that exempts an applicant from the general portion of the licensing test.
  • The CAM rules may specify any acceptable credential, including the CMCA/AMS/PCAM credentials.
  • The CAM rules may define the clerical, ministerial, accounting, or maintenance functions that an unlicensed person may perform.
  • The CAM rules may outline the activities an apprentice may carry out without the direct supervision of a licensed CAM.
  • The creation of a CAM advisory Board to make recommendations to DORA regarding changes or updates to the CAM rules, adoption of guidelines and processes for the handling of license complaints, and any other issues that the DORA director seeks input.

It is anticipated that there may be revisions to the bill as it makes its way through the House and Senate. If HB19-1212 (or another similar bill) does not pass this legislative session, then the CAM program will finish its wind-up process on July 1, 2019.

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