HOA Information Office 2013

Report February 1, 2014

The HOA Information Office 2013 report is out and is available at the state’s website A copy is also posted on our resource page at

The HOA Information and Resource Center of the State of Colorado, Division of Real Estate (“HOA Info Office”) was created in 2010.  This Office registers HOAs, receives requests for information and takes complaints about HOAs, boards of HOAs, managers, management companies, developers/declarants and others.

The HOA Info Office submits an annual report to the legislature.  Past reports for 2011 and 2012 are available at the state’s website at They are also posted in our resource page at

The 2013 report covers registrations of HOAs, inquiries and complaints and 2013 legislation.

Complaints are classified into categories, with most complaints involving associations and managers (46.5%), then associations (36.4%), then managers (15.9%).

Complaints are also categorized by area with the most complaints coming from Denver surrounding areas (126 complaints), then Denver central (64), South Central (47), Front Range (41) and Northwest (29). Southeast and northwest Colorado had nominal complaints (11 total).

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