Provisional and Apprentice Licenses Proposed

A provisional license for managers has been proposed to be allowed through December 31, 2015.  An apprentice license is also proposed.

HB 1343

These proposals are included within HB 2015-1343 now pending in the Colorado State legislature.

The State legislature and the Governor are expected to act on HB 1343 in late April or early May.  The Governor may have till June to approve the bill the legislature may send to him.

Provisional License

A provisional license is for those who have not yet passed the State’s tests.

Those who tried and have not passed will be able to stay employed as managers until the end of 2015.  They will need to meet similar criteria (reviewed below) for an apprentice license.  They would need to pass the required tests before the end of the year to be able to continue working in 2016.

Apprentice License (or learner’s permit?)

An apprentice license may be granted by the State for persons learning to become a licensed community association manager.  This is similar to learner’s permits issued by the State for those learning to drive.

To become an apprentice, the applicant must:

  • Apply to the State
  • Be truthful, honest and of good moral character
  • 18 or older
  • A high school graduate or have a GED certificate
  • Meet one of the following two criteria:
    1. Hold a CMCA, AMS or PCAM certification or a credentials from another recognized authority.
    2. Attend 24 hours of community association manager classes
  • Pass the “Colorado Law Portion” of the State’s test
  • If not a CMCA, AMS or PCAM, pass the “core competency” or “general portion” of the State’s test.

An apprentice must be under the supervision of a licensed manager.

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