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The HOA industry is reeling from the tragic events that took place last week in Atlanta. In yet another act of senseless violence, two lives were taken too soon, and another victim remains hospitalized in what has come to light as a targeted attack involving a disgruntled resident against management staff and other named defendants in a lawsuit filed by the resident. In many common interest communities, community association managers and staff are essential figures in maintaining and aiding in the operation of the community with protocol, organization, and stability. Their guidance, skillset, and education provide community volunteer leaders with assistance in the day-to-day responsibilities, and the more complicated tasks of assessment delinquencies, enforcement of covenants, and various disputes. As our team reflects on this tragedy, the importance of community is first and foremost on our minds. Our goals and intentions are interwoven with those of our volunteer board members and their community association managers – to build healthy and happy communities.

Our hearts go out to Michael Shinners, Mike Horne, and others affected by this senseless crime. To read the letter released by the Community Associations Institute, click here.

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