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Census 2020 – Why It’s Important

Every ten years, the Constitution requires that the government take a head count (so to speak) of America’s population.  The compiled data from this Census provides essential information that is used in important aspects of our country, including the following: Divvying up seats in Congress Drawing congressional district boundaries How federal and state funding is […]

Emotional Support Emus: Say Good-Bye

In January 2020, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development released updated guidelines pertaining to Emotional Support Animals (“ESA”) under the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”). These new guidelines materially altered the previous guidelines relating to emotional support animals by changing the documentation requirement for emotional support animals and by changing the type of animal […]

Proposed Regulations to Vehicle Booting

In late May 2019, Governor Polis enacted legislation which, in part, authorized the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (“PUC”) to regulate vehicle booting companies in a fashion similar to the way the PUC regulates towing companies. The proposed rule will: Define “vehicle booting company”; Set standards and procedures for booting vehicles and paying to have the […]

** FRAUD ALERT ** A local banking institution recently issued a warning that thieves have been targeting landscaping companies in the Front Range, stealing checks from their mailboxes. The checks are then deposited with forged signatures and/or the checks are reprinted for additional fraudulent transactions. Once the account number on the check has been compromised, […]

Governance and Other Policies

Most homeowner associations are required to adopt specific governance policies as per the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act and the Colorado consumer protection and cybersecurity statutes.  Interested in hearing specifics about these policies and why they may be required? Check out the article written by Jerry Orten regarding governance and other policies required for most HOAs […]

With the recent increase in cyber-related crimes, now more than ever it’s essential that common interest communities arm themselves with the knowledge and tools needed to prevent a cyber breach, or to quickly remedy the situation should a cyber breach occur.  Attorney Aaron Goodlock recently presented a manager education class on cybersecurity and data privacy […]

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

The Response of HOAs in Attached Home Communities Bedbug infestations have become more prevalent in condominiums, attached homes, apartments and other high-density communities.  These pests can quickly spread between units, floors and into common areas.  They are attracted to humans and love to hide in clothing, furniture, suitcases and (not surprisingly) bedding. When bedbugs are […]

Denver voters will consider these questions as Initiative Ordinance 300 (“Initiative 300”) on the ballot for the May 7, 2019 election (along with candidates for mayor, other offices and Initiative Ordinance 301). Initiative 300 would allow anyone to use streets, parks and other outdoor property of the City: With a “right to rest” (in an […]

Attempts to Unilaterally Modify Contracts by Service Providers Recently our firm has seen an increase in various service providers attempting to introduce new fees in the performance of their contracts with community associations.  These fees are typically introduced on an invoice, and accompanied with a short explanation that they are associated with some cost incurred […]

Community Association Manager Licensing Bill Introduced On February 25, 2019, HB19-1212 was introduced in the Colorado Legislature to reenact the CAM licensing laws that were repealed last year and to reestablish the CAM program. HB19-1212 is substantially similar to the prior law, but there are some changes that managers and management companies should note if […]


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